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Lying about a material fact in a Judicial Case constitutes perjury.  Perjury is a direct contempt for law and order and therefore a condition, which demonstrates one’s character that is unfit for proper care and education of minor children.  It further destroys the formative years, which eventually make up the future adult.  It is these types of injustices, which cause criminal behavior.  Thus the children must be placed with the proper parent. 

In a divorce action proof of a husband or wife habitually neglecting and abandoning their children establishes that he/she is not a fit person to be awarded the custody of the children.  Any one or a number of other combinations of child abuse could establish custody on behalf of the father or mother

          For example when a husband or wife habitually leaves the home for long periods of time, and deprives the children of maternal/paternal care and comfort.  In the case of a wife, even when she is at home she neglects the children’s basic needs.  In addition she does not prepare proper meals, she does not dress or clothe them properly even to the extent that filth and the home had become unclean with garbage are means for loss of the children.  When the wife fails to provide necessary and proper medical requirements especially if they are within her means or the money is simply spent on drugs will cause loss of custody.  Children who have been unjustly affected physically such as through violent assault or severe beatings and emotionally by their mother’s neglect and indifference often due to alcohol, drugs or a pattern of such abhorrent activity are inexcusable.  Absence or repeated tardiness from school is sure tails signs of abuse.  Children exhibiting signs of serious future mental illness as a result of their mother’s neglect and indifference will cause loss of custody.  Any substantial and credible evidence denied by the mother is considered examples of perjury relative to material fact and evidence.  Today, both husband and wife are held to the same standards of concern and propriety.

         Should the husband or wife have a bad moral reputation, attends too many parties exposing the children to adulterous, immoral activity even homosexuality if overt, excessive habitual use of alcohol are causes of child endangerment.  When the husband or wife drives with the children and endangers their lives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, most often indicates serious mental illness.  He/she may leave the children in an automobile for long periods of time that may endanger their lives.  Paranoid psychoses especially under the influence of narcotics or if they sell narcotics, or is in the company of parties that do either is clear and eminent danger to the children’s well being.  If he/she is in the company of sex deviates, undesirables, persons with criminal records, on probation, or running from the law or practices adultery in the home with the children there, exposing them to immoral conditions in their presence are evidence of the unfit characteristics for child custody.  With substantial and credible evidence presented, lying constitutes unfit custody. 

          Nymphomania and the practice of adultery with many different men, either in the presence of the children or away from them and/or immoral conduct away from home with married men or single men or other women sexually to the point of neglecting the children are signs of the unfit mother. 

          Even simply going out every evening with his/her friends, dancing and drinking until late hours of the morning keeps proper home guidance away from the children excessively when there is simply no need to do so. 

Finally the husband/wife may attempt to deceive and destroy evidence, spend untold dollars on drugs or even attempt to bribe you, the Medical Detective on the case.  Any perjury relative to substantial and credible evidence of fact defining signs of the unfit mother is due cause for removal of child custody.   



            Often in the divorce action, proof of the facts and circumstances may tend to show that a wife is the fit person to be awarded custody of the children of the parties, but also tends to cast doubts on the husband’s qualifications for custody. 

          Facts involving demonstrable evidence of a loving, caring wife, devoted and assisting in their homework demonstrate responsibility.  She may work hard cooking for them, cleaning them, and clothing the children.  She performs all the necessary family housekeeping chores so that the children’s welfare and happiness are not unfavorably effected.  She demonstrates the appropriate interest in their schoolwork, attitude and behavior.  She participates with the children in their recreational activities and provides them with proper recreational toys and tools for study.  She brings them to Church or temple, and helps them acquire a desirable attitude toward religion by seen to their church attendance and religious education.  Her punishment of her children is not unduly harsh, but is entirely consistent with the exercise of good moral responsibilities for their mental health and welfare. 

The children demonstrate a healthy respect for their mother as their chief source of love, care and protection.  They believe her to be good, kind, reliable just, loving and devoted.  They regard the mother as more dependable than their father. 

          The children behave well in school with the teachers and other children.  This is often difficult and intense during the period of marital conflict, but this diminishes after the separation of their parents and the wife’s subsequent assumption of their care.  The calming effect of the separation of the parties is shown by psychological tests. 

The wife’s love affair with a co-respondent in a case has had no unfavorable affects on the children’s welfare and happiness.  This affair has not adversely affected the children morally, emotionally, or in any other way.  The affair is leading to a new future life and did not cause the wife to neglect her parental duties and responsibilities relative to the needs of the children.  The affair was discreetly shielded from public view and knowledge.  The affair became intimate only after the separation of the parties.  If both parties are just, seeking a new life, can rebuild the necessary foundation for the children.

          When the husband demonstrates disregard for the children’s best interest by using private detectives to publicize the wife’s affair with the co-respondent this advertising demonstrates the unfit father. 

          The husband may himself be inclined toward adulterous conduct with other women or men. 

The husband has ignored the wife and children and made opportunity available for her in order to force her into an adulterous situation order to gain custody of the children.  A bait and switch horrific fraud. 

          Finally the husband has committed any of the types of substantial and credible evidence which adversely affect the children as noted anywhere in this Part 2 relative Perjury and child custody.  Or the father has deprived his wife and children of sufficient moneys and has neglected his responsibility in seeing that she could provide the necessary materials for the children’s needs again are cause for loss of custody.  These are all sound evidence of the unfit father as a parent for the children’s custody. Of course reverse the roles of an unfit parent and today, both husband and wife are judged equally. 

In the next section we will investigate Pretext and Courtroom Preparation for Attorneys and end in Part 4 with Agent and/or Psychologist preparation for Courtroom Presentation.  by Dr. Scott David Neff, DC, MSOM MPS-BT DABFE ABDA  IME FFABS FIBPS FACFE FFAAJTS IPS-Badge #473 CFE

“Children have more need of models than of critics”.  Joseph Joubert.

 Part III Child Custody Investigations Click on this link.

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